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Artwork of Jim Throne
Paintings are done in Acrylic

Self-portrait with hat, 12 x 16 
Mum 12 x 12
Gates at Bok Tower Gardens, plein air, 8 x 10

Glorious (Tarpon Church), plein air,
12 x 16
East Island off Mira Vista Park, Dunedin, plein air, 8 x 10
Tarpon Train Station, plein air, 8 x 10
Biography of Jim Throne
Jim Throne lives in Dunedin. He is an engineer.
He has no degree in art or any structured art training.
He worked his way through school on a drafting board, with pen and ink. On occasion he worked as an airbrush graphics illustrator with acrylic inks. He continued these as hobbies while working as an engineer for major corporations.
He stopped all artwork in the early 1980s when he started his own engineering firm. By 2010, most of his business had moved to SE Asia. So once again he turned to art as a hobby. He is an amateur, just learning to paint with acrylics. He dabbles in many genre - plein air, landscape, portrait, still life, nudes, surrealism.
He is a member of TSAA, Creative Artists Guild, PAVA, West Coast Plein Air Association, and ISAP-FL.
He frequenst the Thursday Night Sketch Group in Dunedin and the Friday Morning TSAA Plein Air Group. On occasion, he posts his work on the Wet Canvas! Internet website.
Jim says, "I have no website, no blog, and no facebook presence".

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