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Florida Hospital North Pinellas:
Contact Lynn Kopala by phone, 727 940 4975, or email lynnkopala@hotmail.com. North Pinellas Hospital does not ask for a commission. A reminder: TSAA will feature, whenever possible, one-person shows at North Pinellas Hospital with 9 works by one artist. For hanging, artwork must be 18” x 24” or larger. However, the horizontal dimension (width) must be no wider than 33”. If two artists want to display together in one rotation, they should sign up as a team.
Rotation of work is every other month on the third Tuesday of the month. Rotation months and artists displaying their work are:
  • November
  • January
  • March
  • May
  • July
  • September

The hospital is a beautiful and well-lit venue. We’ve received many comments from people there thanking us for our work. Many have said how it cheers them up and brightens their day. Here’s your chance for a one-person show that not only gets your work out in front of many viewers, but also brings much needed refreshment to anxious and busy people.
The main reason TSAA is changing to a one person venue is for the sake of simplicity. The venue's paperwork is a bit complicated, and so are the logistical procedures on the take down/put up day. The hospital's concerns for safety, security and other issues must be respected. This is a GREAT venue with beautiful lighting and thoughtful hanging space. Please use it. The hospital staff are incredibly welcoming and supportive. Our work cheers up and moves everyone in the building.
We plan to prepare the paperwork for the incoming work several days before the hanging date. At that time, all paperwork and picture identification cards will be filled out. The TSAA venue coordinator will provide the incoming artist with specific details prior to each rotation.
In addition to the 9 pieces of artwork, artists need to provide business cards to be held and given out in the hospital's gift shop. Financial transactions will be between the artist and buyer. Purchased work must be replaced with new work. We can't leave any wall spaces empty.
North Pinellas Hospital will not take a commission.
Please call temporary venue coordinator Lynn Kopala with any questions or comments. 727 940 4975
If you would prefer email address is lynnkopala@hotmail.com

USAmeri Bank -six (6) paintings may be displayed.
Email - Sharon Chandler: sharchuck@gmail.com to display in this venue
Performing Arts Center - can display 28 - 30 paintings depending on size.

Email - Heather Risley: hriz@tampabay.rr.com, Patsy Renz: patsy.renz@verizon.net,
or Barbara Hodges: bhodges8@tampabay.rr.com to display in this venue

If you need cards for your venues you may print them up from this PDF file

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