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The first gathering of artists that formed our Tarpon Springs Art Association was April 19, 1974. Seventeen artists met that day at Craig Park Recreation Hall. Today we have around one hundred forty members. In 1986 we moved to our present site at the Tarpon Springs Community Center, 400 Walton Avenue. Through the perseverance of a few founding members and other artists, the association has stood the test of time.

Douglas Fox was the first President of the Art Association. His board consisted of Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity, and Art Exhibits Director. The six people could handle everything. Today, seventeen positions fill our board and committees and many more are needed for special events.

The purpose of the Association is to further interest in all forms of art and to provide opportunities for individuals to suppport and associate with fellow artists and to offer venues in which to show and sell our art.

During the monthly Monday meetings, an artist will demonstrate and share with us varied ranges of techniques and experience. A workshop will generally follow sometime during the month, usually given by the artist who was that month's demonstrator. It is a day full of fun and camaraderie. There is also an Artist of the Month competition at these meetings. Members bring their artwork to be judged by their peers and voted on by them. The art selected hangs in the Cultural Center for a month.

April is the month we install our new officers for the upcoming year, along with a juried show for those who wish to enter at the Heritage Museum, and a pot luck picnic. December is the high light of our calendar year with our prestigious juried show at the Cultural Center. The efforts of the whole club are on display for the entire month and the public is invited to attend and purchase any painting should they choose.

Over the years we have had many wonderful venues at which to display and sell our paintings. Presently, Helen Ellis Hospital, Tarpon Springs Performing Art Center, the Tarpon Springs Library, Florida Capital Bank, Bank of America, and Plaka's Restaurant.

We wish to thank all those from the community of Tarpon Springs who continue to support us, from the Chamber of Commerce, through all the venues that allow us to hang our art, to all who see merit and value in what we do.






TSAA logo
TSAA Logo History
In 1998 David Silsby won a contest to choose a new logo. We are grateful for his creativity. He described the logo as follows:
"This design intends to place the Tarpon Springs Art Association high on a pedestal. The association is portrayed in letters entwined which emphasizes the bonding of its membership in a constant flow of meaningful contributions.
Perched atop a Grecian column the design points with great pride to the Tarpon Springs community and the rich heritage shared by Association members."


For information on TSAA's Paint & Photo check out the web site: www.tarponspringspleinair.com
Our Mission...
...to promote interest and community
awareness of all forms of visual art, to provide
opportunities for individuals to associate with
other artists, and to share in and learn from
artistic knowledge and experiences
Here is an educational resource that some of you might find helpful in your art studies.. AccreditedOnlineColleges.org

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