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December Art Exhibit
Our Annual Winter Show at the Tarpon Springs Cultural Center is the largest art exhibit sponsored by our Association. It is always held from the first week in December through the last week of the month. Art is judged by a professional artist, and cash prizes and ribbons are awarded the winners. Art is available for the public to view and purchase. In connection with the show there is a reception and an awards ceremony.

November27, 10-12 Decorate the Cultural Center
November 28, 10-12 Register your work - 12:30 Hang the Art
November 29 Judging
November 30, 6-8 Reception 
January 8, 10 - 12 Take down Decorations

The exhibit will remain up until at 10 am - 12 noon -when the art will be taken down. Artist, pick up your work at this time. If you can't, please arrange for someone to pick it up for you.
One piece of art work may be entered. Art work shall not exceed 48 inches top, bottom or sides. Three dimensional art work may be entered in this show. There will be a $20.00 entry fee.

See exhibit Rules and Preparing Your Art for an Exhibit
Complete your registration forms BEFORE you come to register. They are in your Nov and Dec newsletter or you can print them from the web page by clicking on the link (December Show registration cards)

1.  Oil, (oil)  2. Acrylic (acr)  3.  Watermedia (wm) (Watercolor and Acrylic under glass)  4.  Mixed Media  (mm)  5.  Color Pencil/Pen & Ink/pencil (cp) 6. Photography (ph)   7.  Pastel/Charcoal (pa)   8.  3 Dimensional (3d)

Prizes will be Best of Show, Joe Gonzales People's Choice Award, and each category may have first, second, third and 3 honorable mentions. Awarding the prizes is at the discretion of the judge. It is possible that not all prizes will be awarded.

Spring Show
The Spring Show at the Heritage Museum includes the installation of officers, a pot luck picnic, and art show at the Heritage Museum. The association provides the tableware, etc. and the members bring a potluck dish to be shared. The artwork must be at the Museum by 10:30 as it will be judged by an outside judge from 11:00 to 12:00. The work must be hangable, never before shown in a TSAA show, and, preferably, have an easel on which to show it. The museum no longer has easels. The artwork will then be hung in the Performing Arts Center. All who wish to do this will be responsible for delivering their piece there. It will stay for one month.
Tarpon Springs Fine Arts Festival

   The Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual Tarpon Springs Fine Arts Festival in Craig Park, Spring Bayou, Tarpon Springs. TSAA has a tent next to the Heritage Museum. We collect our member’s art at the Community Center at 400 South Walton, and put it in our tent on Friday before the show. We collect the art at the Community Center and transport it in large donated vehicles because of traffic congestion and lack of convenient parking at the Craig Park location. We have absolutely wonderful artists donate time to demonstrate their talents on site. Each year we receive a lot of attention and accolades from Festival officials and visitors to the Festival and our particular exhibit because of these wonderful demonstrators. Visitors to the Festival are fascinated by someone who can make art. They think we are quite amazing. It is nice to be so appreciated. We always have a lot of fun. Everyone who displays art must sign up to serve a shift as a site manager or artist demonstrator.

Up Coming Events

The 6th annual Paint & Photo Tarpon Springs (2016) will begin on April 13, with artists and photographers scattering all over our beautiful city to paint and photo our delightful scenery.  On April 16, the work will be called in, judged, and a big Reception will be held from 6 to 8pm at the Heritage Museum on Craig Bayou.  The work will remain on exhibit at the Museum until April 22. For more information, or to register, please email hrisley1@gmail.com or go to www.tarponspringspleinair.com

Tarpon Springs Art Association Art Exhibit Rules

Eligibility: All members of TSAA, in good standing with dues paid for the current year, March 1 for the April exhibits, November 1 for the December exhibit may participate. We will accept all original, framed two dimensional art work to include watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media, collage, pen and ink, colored pencil, charcoal and photography. The December Show and the April Heritage Center show will accept 3 Dimensional art work.

—Two dimensional art work must be wired and ready to hang.
—Submit originals done without consultation from others, i.e. no workshop —work and no copies.
—Current work, not older than two years.
—TSAA has the right to refuse any work deemed unsuitable, i.e. nudes, mating animal, etc.
—Entries must remain for the entire exhibit.
—Display locations are FINAL. It is not possible to move art if the artist wants —a different display
—In the event of a sale 20% must be donated to the Cultural Center and the —Performing Arts Center.
...There is no donation required for the TS Fine Arts —Exhibit.
—Artist’s registration must be completed in duplicate.
—We request that all entrants volunteer to assist with exhibit duties.

Fine Art Exhibit in April:
Two pieces of art work may be entered plus six matted pieces for the browse boxes. Paintings may be no larger than 18 x 24 inches including frame and no smaller than 8 x 10. Requests for exceptions will not be granted. There will be a $20.00 entry fee per artist. The six matted pieces may be no larger that 18 x 24 including mat and no smaller that 8x 10.
If you want to be a demonstrator you must sign up, pay your $20.00 entry fee and enter your two pieces of art and six matted pieces. The only extra painting you may sell is the painting you are doing for the demonstration.
Get copy of paperwork here
Show cards

April Heritage Center Show:
One piece of art work may be entered including three dimensional art work. There is no entry fee for this show. Art will be judge with cash prizes and ribbons given.

Preparing Your Painting For An Exhibit
  1. Make sure your frame is sturdy and clean.
  1. Be sure you have your art work secured well onto the mat.
  1. When putting the wire onto the back of the art work place the wire holders within the top third of the picture frame. Then wrap the wire through the holes and twist the wire six or seven times and cover it with masking tape. If possible get some small, clear tubing at the hardware store. Cut the tubing about an inch and a half and slide it over the twisted wire on each end. That way no one will be hurt from the frayed wires.
  1. Make sure the glass is very clean on both sides and there is no debris between the glass, mat or picture.
  1. Use Plexiglas or acrylic instead of glass. The picture will be lighter that way. Remember when cleaning always use just water and mild dish soap. Never use vinegar, window cleaner or ammonia. In time these will destroy the finish and will cause the Plexiglas to become cloudy.
  1. Make sure the back of the painting is as neat as it can be.People do look at this when they are buying.
  1. If you have to stack your paintings when moving them place them back to back or front to front.  Put a towel or cardboard between them for safety.
  1. Always carry them by the wire or with two hands by the sides and not just one side. If not the frames become weak and loosen and can fall apart.
  1. Inexpensive pinch clamp frames should be avoided as they are difficult to hang properly.

These tips were provided by Arlene Roberson.

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