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Artwork of Carol Hendrickson
portrait of a young girl
Painting of a window looking in from outside
Painting of white gardenias

"Laurie / a portrait"
24 x 30 Oil

"Blue Curtain"
14 x 18 Oil

22 x 28 Oil

Painting of an entrance to an old mine shaft
abstract design in gray and white
painting of light shinning through banana leaves
"Mine Shaft,  Colorado"
24 x 30 Oil
"Blue Line"
60 x 30 Oil

"Banana Leaves"
22 x 28 Oil

Biography of Carol Hendrickson

Growing up in Minneapolis, my art education began at Walker Art Institute -------- sculpture classes with Evelyn Raymond!
Over the years, I've earned my living doing Fashion Illustration and many charcoal portraits!  (All the while thoroughly convinced that TRUE ART was abstract!)
Basic good design lead to my opening a Graphic Design company in Dallas: "FINE LINES".  These days I work in oil and realism seems to be overtaking my pure-design work

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