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Artwork of Kristen Santucci

painting of girl surrounded by lace putting on lipstick

Painting of girl putting on earings

painting of girl holding down her shawl in the wind

"Lacey Lucy" - Oil
"Finishing Touches" - Oil
"Boreas" - Oil
Painting of golden retriever on the beach
Painting of mother and daughter on the beach

A painting of Surrybrook Garden

"Golden" - Oil
"Evening Walk" - Oil
"Surreybrook Garden" - Oil
Biography of Kristen Santucci

Picture of the artist

Kristen Santucci was born in Cheverly, Maryland. A self-taught artist, she has always been creative. As a young girl she was always making crafts. In high school she was very interested in sewing and fashion design. In her senior year of high school she was making clothing for herself, family and friends.

In 1988 she and her family moved to clearwater, FL. Her first job there was in a local arts and crafts store in the custom picture framing department. She loved to see all of the art being framed and sold...so she thought she would give painting a try herself.

Since then she had tried different techniques and mediums. She paints mostly with oils now and is inspired by the beautiful beaches on the west coast of Florida.

Kristen's art has been displayed in several art galleries and has been sold to collectors in the U.S., France and China.


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